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On Monday, Dec. 15th at eight o’clock weight loss expert and owner of Jena Wellness, Jena la Flamme and Kelly Courson, a Gluten Free Health Coach and pioneer of held a web-seminar titled “6 little known reasons why eating gluten free is sexy and will help you loose weight.”

The webinar, which is a seminar held on the internet, had a question and answer session in an instant message style covered the gluten free stories of both la Flamme and Courson and how they came to this profession.  Courson, who suffered from dermatitis herpetiformis, which is the skins reaction to celiac disease, results in an itchy rash for the patient always occurring in the same spot on the body.

“I was traveling for a month in Australia, eating all the cream puffs I could get my hands on, and half way through the trip I developed these large often oozing boils on my face,” Courson said of when the dermatitis herpetiformis started.

Courson, returned to the United States and spent the next two years getting tested for skin disorders and various medical issues, including ones as extreme as hepatitis.   “Your skin breaks out because your liver is being overloaded with toxins,” Courson said, of her initial skin reaction, “My liver was having a severe reaction to the amount of gluten that I was ingesting.”

La Famme, initially figured out she was positive for the disease when she went to work with a nutritional councilor to deal with an emotional eating problem.  Within two weeks of “Shunning the bun,” as Courson calls it, la Famme said, “I felt so much better, my stomach went from looking like I was always pregnant to being flatter, I had more energy, and finally felt the fog come out of my brain.”

Courson, discussed Dr. Peter Green, the head of The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University book, Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic. Dr. Green’s book is one of the most informing Courson said, “The book has all the answers, this book taught me things that simply buying Celiac Disease for Dummies, could not, The book shared with me that Celiac disease affects one out of 100 people, and 95 percent remain undiagnosed still, only five percent of these people have been diagnosed, that’s a huge number.”

“In the last 50 years, the amount of cases has increased four times, so something is going on with out diets. I think its especially since wheat has been so modified,” said Courson. “This is the statistic that I believe is the most accurate, ” la Famme said in response.  “It’s hard to believe that the number has grown to be that big,

La Famme who deals with siblings and blood family members being diagnosed said” I hope that as the awareness grows, people will go out for the blood test, so much can be prevented, with just a simple blood test especially among family members.”

My Crowd souring map which was created by various people, shows different locations in various regions of the country where Gluten Free items have been discovered.


This map, shows fifteen countries throughout the world that are very aware of Celiac Disease because of their various Celiac Disease organizations.



Multimedia Journalism

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This video is the first installment of an experimental online TV show called “Gluten Free TV.”  The show which is hosted by Celiac Chick’s creator, Kelly Courson, takes the viewer on a tour of the popular New York City French restaurant Bar Breton. The episode, which is titled “Smart & Tasty,” includes a visual tour of the restaurant, a meeting with the head Chef and a demonstration of how to make their famous Gluten Free galette.  The end of the video also features the recipe for the dish.  The video features great titles and music while getting right to the point.

One of the most difficult parts of having this allergy is going to a restaurant and not being able to order items on the menu that appeal to you because they contain gluten.  With a disease such as this where your diet is very limited, it is important to have people who can give you suggestions of places that you can go to eat out enjoyably.  The video, while being simple in how it is made, packs the punch of any great visual multimedia element.  I think the video adds great value to its audience by showing them a place they can go out to eat to enjoy themselves as well as educating them a bit more about a type of food they possibly never knew existed.

Another great practice is the “Gluten-Free Diet Slideshow” on  While there is no voice or music for this example, the 22 pictures, captions and explanations do a great job of educating the audience as to what Celiac really is with great visual explanations.  This would add value to the niche audience for this blog because it is a re-enforcement to the recently diagnosed or to a person who needs to explain to someone about Celiac disease.


Celiac Disease is taking over!

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photo courtsey of: Gluten Free Easily

One of the fastest growing food epidemics of our time is an illness known as Celiac disease.  Celiac disease, also known as Sprue, is in more products than simply just wheat flour. The disease focuses around intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Gluten is a key ingredient in many unsuspecting items such as ketchup, some ice creams, soy sauce, salad dressings, Twizzlers, as well as beauty products and envelope adhesives.  For those unlucky people who have this incurable disease,  the consequences of just one bite of that delicious looking cake can only be described as someone twisting your insides with a wrench.

Generally, the disease is found to be genetic and can become active at any age. More than 20 million Americans are affected by this disease, some of which experience symptoms.  While the allergy is life altering to those who find themselves diagnosed, most people find that they have more energy and live a healthier life style once kicking the gluten habit.  Gluten-free products are becoming more and more available every day.  Big name brands such as Betty Crocker even have lines of gluten free baking products and pancake mixes which you can find conveniently in your local grocery store.  This disease has become so popular, there is a whole blogging community dedicated to the expansion and sharing of gluten free products, recipes, and where to get the best restaurant gluten free food.  Bloggers such as The CeliacChicks share with the gluten free community all the latest in the world of wheat-free.