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Celiac Disease, A History

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This week, I spent time creating a timeline to display the history of the diagnosis of Celiac disease.  From the timeline, you will learn how the findings and diagnosis of the disease started as far back as ancient Greece and has been gaining momentum ever since.  Throughout history the disease has been evolved and the process for diagnosing it has advanced.  Today, the disease is as popular as ever and is gaining national recognition through talk shows and celebrity endorsements.

Below, is the link to your historical journey.



A Gluten Free App

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Gregg Katz is the creator of a website called Midlife Crisis Apps, a company that creates web applications for iPhones, Blackberrys and Droid phones. Katz said that the app was inspired by a family friend struggling with Celiac disease.  The friend expressed her concerns to Katz’s wife about the troubles she faces when shopping at the grocery store.  This seemed to strike a cord in Katz, whose son at the time was being tested for the gluten intolerance. He and his wife were having the same issues while food shopping.  Shortly after, the idea of the “Is that Gluten Free?” app was born.

“The response from the gluten free community was passionate and rapid.  We have had so many people reach out to use to thank us for creating this app,” Katz said.

The app itself is structured on types of food broken down by brands and lists within that brand or type of food what is and what is not gluten free.

“It is a great feeling to know that we have been able to help so many people by making one part of their lives a little easier,” said Katz of the satisfaction he receives from his app.

However, it is not all praises; Katz said he often also receives criticism which he takes constructively. “We have had our critics who feel like we either need to do things differently or we charge too much money.  I am not sure people realize how time consuming this endeavor is but we take it all in stride and continue to provide the best product we can to the market,” he said.

While the market for this app is for a very select group, Katz said that it has been the number one gluten free app on the iTunes app store since its launch. “We have sold more than we expected but not nearly the kind of sales you hear about with games and entertainment apps,” he said.

Katz is continuing to move in the direction of creating more apps for the gluten free community with his latest “Is that Gluten Free? Eating Out” Katz said this app will deal with identifying gluten free options in fast food and casual chain restaurants.


A Gluten Free Map

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For any student attending college, one main concern is always the dining services on campus.  For some students, it is a struggle to find meatless items because they are vegetarian and for a select other group of students. Some students share a concern for finding items that are gluten free.  Gluten, which attacks the small intestine, is very painfully ingested.  Over the past year, many colleges such as Quinnipiac University have begun to offer more and more options for students who struggle every time they go to the cafeteria.

Leean Spalding, associate director of Dining Services for Chartwells at Quinnipiac University said, “Quinnipiac has about six students with gluten allergies. Our staff changes their gloves and utensils that they use when making food for these students.”

Spalding also discusses what is offered in the Quinnipiac café. “We do offer gluten free rolls at the Deli. We will offer items when they requested.  We are selective about what items are available since there are only six students with Celiac disease.”

Mary-Catherine Dolan, a Quinnipiac University senior said, “Students with Celiac disease are lucky to live in an area with so many options around them.  I am a very health conscious person and often eat gluten free just because I believe it is healthier.”

“I love that the Pizza Fusion station has gluten free pizza, I have had their pizza numerous times at their retail stores and it is really healthy and delicious,” Dolan said about the upgrades to Quinnipiac’s cafeteria.