Multimedia Journalism

In Allergy, Celiac Disease, Gluten Free on September 22, 2010 at 10:13 pm

This video is the first installment of an experimental online TV show called “Gluten Free TV.”  The show which is hosted by Celiac Chick’s creator, Kelly Courson, takes the viewer on a tour of the popular New York City French restaurant Bar Breton. The episode, which is titled “Smart & Tasty,” includes a visual tour of the restaurant, a meeting with the head Chef and a demonstration of how to make their famous Gluten Free galette.  The end of the video also features the recipe for the dish.  The video features great titles and music while getting right to the point.

One of the most difficult parts of having this allergy is going to a restaurant and not being able to order items on the menu that appeal to you because they contain gluten.  With a disease such as this where your diet is very limited, it is important to have people who can give you suggestions of places that you can go to eat out enjoyably.  The video, while being simple in how it is made, packs the punch of any great visual multimedia element.  I think the video adds great value to its audience by showing them a place they can go out to eat to enjoy themselves as well as educating them a bit more about a type of food they possibly never knew existed.

Another great practice is the “Gluten-Free Diet Slideshow” on  While there is no voice or music for this example, the 22 pictures, captions and explanations do a great job of educating the audience as to what Celiac really is with great visual explanations.  This would add value to the niche audience for this blog because it is a re-enforcement to the recently diagnosed or to a person who needs to explain to someone about Celiac disease.



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